First, you must contact someone on the board of directors. Contact info can be found on the Ohio board members site, or on the site of your state, in which you live in. You may contact anyone of us, we will be more then happy to help you get started. This also can be done by e-mail, or a phone call, or by filling out the application on the home page,and mailing or e-mailing it to us.
After the memorial fund has been informed, we will first get all the details and reports from the local law officials ,for review, to see if the motorcyclest was riding irresponsibly. This is done with every case we get, and is done to provide proof of accident, and to see if the rider was running from local law enforcement, stunting, or riding while impaired in some way.

These are 3 red flags the board takes into consideration when reviewing a case. Every case is different, and has its own set of circumstances. All circumstances are taken into consideration when reviewing the facts of the accident, and are a part of the boards decision process for consideration for assistance, and the amount that the board will pay from the fund. This is done due to the  availability of funds at the time of request for assistance, do to the number of request we get for assistance every year. We want to make sure we have enough funds to help everyone who qualifies for assistance.

After all the facts have been reviewed by the board, and the board agrees to help the motorcyclist's family, someone from the board will contact the family , to find out their needs, and to set up a delivery time for the check. In most cases the President/C.E.O. ,or  board members will personally present the family with a check. Unfortunately , due to the lack of funds, and the number of request we receive, we may be limited to how many motorcyclist's families we are able to help, or how much we are able to give them , and we regret that we have to do so.  Our goal, with your donations, and help , is to help each and everyone that comes to us for help.

It is up to friends ,or family ,to notify us with in 3 months of the accident, of a family that needs our help. We will not approach any family with assistance during, or after their time of mourning, unless we have been asked to do so. This is done out of respect, for the families privacy during their time of morning.   

Please remember, that this fund also depends on donations for some of it's operating expenses. Such as printing, web services & office supplies , just to name a few. The board members , their families, and friends also donate time , food and materials to the fund, to help keep it running. Depending on the total donations for any given year, the fund will use, on average,about 10 cents per every dollar donated, for operation expenses. We are a 501 c 3 charity, and all our information can be found with the proper federal offices, or you may contact us for further information.

The fallen riders memorial fund’s board of directors hope and pray that we will never have to use this memorial fund for it’s intended purpose,but unfortunately that will not be the case.

Again, Thank you very much for your suport.



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